Clementine NW

Clementine NW
is a beautiful online children's boutique
carrying quite a few of my favorite organic brands:)
They offer a unique shopping experience
with perfectly segmented shop links to gifts
for Mom and for Baby.
Visiting you will find all kinds of eco-friendly,
natural and practical items for yourself or to give another.

Such as:

This gorgeous planner.
Perfect for a new mum
to keep up with all those feedings and naps
in the first months.
I honestly want one for myself--
although not a new mum by any means--
I could always use some extra organization;
especially when it involves artistic renderings
of an imaginary land
drawn on recycled paper.

Or perhaps
you are looking for a gift for baby?
What about the snuggliest,
downiest, organic blanket ever?

This creamy love-y sized
blanket by Robbie Adrian

is a beautiful keepsake
and everyday luxury for your little one.
I would love to be able to send this
to a newborn to cuddle with--
and it would be something any parent
would swoon over.
All of the cotton used in its creation
is certified organic back to the bale,
and the trim is natural silk charmeuse.
Be still my heart!

I think Clementine NW would be the perfect place
to find holiday gifts for any of the little ones,
or Mum's and Mum's-To-Be that you have on your list.
They have a most unique 'create your own gift box' option
that I can't wait to show you close up
on Tout-Est-Des-Roses.
Please visit and let me show you
just how marvelous your shopping experience
with Clementine NW will be<3

---pick by Sara Sophia

Sonoma Living Green

Perusing through the wares at Sonoma Living Green is so fun, I could spend all day at their site. A store that has beauties like Recycled Depression Glass jewelry, Wine Barrel serving pieces, and these gorgeous Recycled Glass Jewel Tone votives, is one bookmark you'll be heading back to again and again.

Sonoma Living Green offers gifts and necessities from bath gel to stationary, and are lovely people to work with too. Have fun shopping!

---pick by Arianne


The perfect gift for not only chocolate lovers, but vegans too! Nicobella chocolates are so unique and tasty, you can imagine how fast they went in my house.

More than just your average truffles, Nicobella vegan organic dark chocolate loveliness comes with a ganache center that is full of antioxidants. With flavors like Banana Butter and Pumkin Chai, I guarantee you've never tasted anything like these truffles. Enjoy!

---pick by Arianne

Esmeralda Designs

The stunningly earthy and raw and gorgeous work by Esmeralda Designs is so special. Using all reclaimed fair trade metals, each piece of their jewelry has a story to tell.

This ring, Slip Away, shares it's stories of where the metal traveled to before your fingers, how it was formed with love by hand, and how it now resides on you or that loved one you buy it for, just waiting for more stories to create. I love the simple and yet so dense way these pieces can "speak". Be sure to check out all the artisan's work and see which one speaks to you.

---pick by Arianne

Fisherman's Daughter

I've always loved fingerless gloves, they're perfect for when you want a little extra warmth, want to wear a shirt with slightly cropped sleeves, and of course they're ideal if you're an iPhone owner since regular gloves won't work. The work done by Fisherman's Daughter is exquisite, all their items are made from organic cotton and eco friendly salvaged materials. I love these two tone gloves, as well as the charcoal, and know you will too.

---pick by Arianne

Loco MO Momma

Something about heirloom potential and all organic, just makes me swoon. The lovely works made by the artisan at Loco MO Momma are perfect for any new mom or mom-to-be who's looking for healthy toys their babe can gnaw on.

These hand crocheted teether rings are so strong and soft with just enough "nubby" to keep any baby satisfied. I love fabric teethers because you can always wet them and chill them to soothe sore gums. This teether is another perfect stocking stuffer, I can't wait to be able to hand it down to the next mini-me.

---pick by Arianne

Green Mountain Coffee

Another entry into the "oh my lands, so so good" category, are the tasty offerings from Green Mountain Coffee. Their Better World Gift Basket includes tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce and a coupon for a free pint of ice cream, all coming from organic or free trade sources. The only bad thing about this gift is how quickly it will all disappear once everyone in the house tastes how delish everything is. Helping the world and taste buds, I love this gift!

---pick by Arianne

Mary Zoom

I'm always hoping to find some really unique and affordable and yes, eco friendly stocking stuffers, so I was thrilled to come across these kids cuff wallets by Mary Zoom on Etsy. They are simple, organic, and seriously cool. My boys are debating who looks cooler in the Planetary Exploration, and have adored carrying their dollars, leaves, and even a lizard (briefly, until mama pointed out that lizards prefer air) in the cuff wallet.

Only $5 and free shipping right now, a great way to add some fun to those stockings!

---pick by Arianne


I've traveled a lot this year for bloggity work, and I was constantly wishing I had a lighter, easier and all around more sturdy travel bag that would get me through security fast and help me avoid checking larger bags.

I love the TravelLite Carry-on from GoLite, because it's soft like a duffel, able to be a backpack, has nice long handle making wheeling it a breeze, and all these features are inside an eco friendly travel bag that comes in three different colors. Perfection!

The TravelLite boasts recycled nylon that uses less energy and materials to make. I really can't get over the light-ness of it, which makes tossing it into the overhead bins a piece of cake. This will make a great gift for that frequent traveler who would never buy a nice bag for themselves. It's modern and slick, and won't break the bank.

---pick by Arianne


Hypothesis shop puts some edge in your green. With recycled leather bags, wallets, and cuffs---their 'making new from old' designs are rugged and worn to perfection.
I know my husband would love one of these typewriter print cuffs from this eco-minded seller. Hypothesis uses nothing but leather finds they have salvaged and go on to create these beautiful printed pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Please visit Hypothesis to find an unusual gift for someone you know, who loves things that have been loved:)

---pick by Sara Sophia

Teresa Cowley Designs

Teresa Cowley Designs is one of my favorite lurks for perusing pretty eco-couture bags. Teresa is an Australian fashion designer who has created an entire line of sustainable handbags and accessories to echo her personal passion for the environment. The fabric used is a premium hemp/cotton blend and the lovely wooden handles are made from wood harvested from sustainable forest plantations. Each design is original, some featuring vintage pins or organic blooms---and would certainly be the perfect statement piece to add to your wardrobe. Teresa's Spring Summer 2009/10 Collection was featured at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I am so proud that her sustainable collection is doing so well. Please visit Teresa Cowley Designs on Etsy to see her efforts in bringing "green" to the fashion world.

---pick by Sara Sophia


Oh, I had to get Eberjey in here:) Last year I was a huge fan of their "O" Girl lingerie set, and this year they have done themselves even prouder with including items for us eco-conscious organic fabric lovers<3 Available in two lovely neutral shades, mist and black, and in many different style options---you are sure to find something you have to have. Eberjey is known for their figure flattering styles and amazing fabrics, which now include 100% sustainable bamboo.
I don't know if you'll just want to put this on your wish list or perhaps buy it for yourself BUT, I know one husband who knows how much I love these new styles:) --hint, hint--
Please visit Eberjey to see all of the extreme loveliness; because being green can be so pretty.

(Note: Eberjey does not have the Eco Dream lingerie listed on their personal site yet--but I found it listed here on the lovely Lille Boutique site<3)

-----pick by Sara Sophia


I found Apericots by "chance shopping" on Etsy
-- and I am so glad I did.
They offer such sweet colors
(pink, navy blue and gender-neutral grey for all of their designs)
and have bibs available too.
Wouldn't this be a super gift for a newborn?
A tiny funky print onesie at a great price
---and mom or dad will certainly appreciate the originality.
Apericots designs are fresh, original,
and priced at the lovely amount of under $13.
Yes, that's right.
Organic onesies this cute and cost-effective.
Your welcome:)

---pick by Sara Sophia

Spool and Sparrow

I heart Spool and Sparrow.

I do.
Oh, really I do.
From their sweet pintucked aprons, to the lovely block printed pillows blossoming with flower prints, or happily displaying scooters and vintage chairs (specifically the "Should I Stay or Should I Go" pillow with chairs on the front--scooter on the back:) Spool and Sparrow is full of simplicity and intricate attention to detail. The clean lines and earthy colors portrayed in each design evoke the image of peace. I love how simple things can come together so perfectly, so adorably that just by owning them--one feels like their life has been improved:)

Please visit Spool and Sparrow for lovely gift opportunities. Each item will arrive to you packaged beautifully, ready to infuse the spirit of natural happiness into your home.

---pick by Sara Sophia
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my personal review of Spool and Sparrow*

Nikki Designs

Nikki Designs is a lovely place to find gifts for the home---either your own or the fortunate someone you are gifting to. Aren't these holiday red hemp napkins sweet? Nikki MacCallum, the owner and artist of this Etsy shop, is a trained interior decorator and fashion designer. Her goal is to help her customers achieve their desired look while still being kind to the planet which we will leave behind for our children.
Nikki specializes in finding ways for you to be green, and fashionable at the same time---please visit Nikki Designs to find something lovely, simple and stunning for your holiday abode.

--pick by Sara Sophia

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my personal review of Nikki Designs*


Cultivar is a shop full of Shakespearean charm.
Beautiful hair pieces, necklaces and pins
made from recycled and vintage finds.
I am sure Juliet couldn't have
adorned herself more splendidly.
Each piece has a such a delightful whimsical quality--
and I just know it would make any girl, young or old,
feel like a fairy princess.
Blooms cultivated with the planet in mind--
you would never have to feel guilty about picking these:)
Please visit Cultivar's enchanting shop
and see what casts its spell on you.
Christmas morning would be so much more fun with flowers in your hair.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Lillipop Designs

"Recycling Never Looked So Sweet!"
is Lillipop Designs shop tagline.
I think it suites them perfectly.

Taking men's dress shirts and
upcycling them into adorable
children's dresses and separates.

Here is what Lillipop's lists as their
recipe for adorableness:

The Recipe for Lillipops

1 or 2 high quality men's cotton dress shirts
a length of chic designer cotton
an original pattern

First, turn the sewing machine on...
piping hot. Be eco-friendly and recycle
"grown up" sized garments into
whimsical children's wear.
Combine pieces with imaginative colors,
easy silhouettes and of-the-moment patterns.
Make sure each piece is one of a kind
and made to endure multiple seasons
of kid-friendly wear!

Shop Lillipop Designs for
an artful and
kind to the planet gift...
made especially to order.

---pick by Sara Sophia

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my personal review of Lillipops Designs
(with discount!)*

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods was where I found
what I deemed to be the perfect
winter wedding eco-gift for our guide.
How lovely would it have been to
receive a green picnic basket set for two when I was a newlywed! This perfect gift comes with two recycled glass wine glasses, two bamboo plates, bamboo cutlery, a bamboo cutting board, and embroidered natural cotton napkins. The inside of the handmade willow basket is lined with quilted dye and chemical free cotton.

How sweet would this be to take on a honeymoon! Tuck in a bottle of organic wine and your all set:)
Visit Uncommon Goods to see all of their eco-friendly unusual wares--there are tons of gift ideas just a click away.

---pick by Sara Sophia


Ecoleeko are the organic and whimsical creations made by upstate New Yorker, Sue. Each tiny friend is lovingly designed, and made with 100% planet friendly materials --right down to the use of organic cotton thread. All of Ecoleeko's designs contain sensory elements for baby, such as kapok stuffing or an added jingle bell inside. The combination of organic cotton corduroy and bamboo fleece really is lovely and makes for a brightly colored friend your wee bub can love.
Visit Ecoleeko on Etsy and see all of the sweet friends Sue has created. From Billy Willy Billy Goat, to Jingle Me Goldfish---you will find a host of magical soft playthings, perfect for tucking in the toes of Christmas stockings.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Satch & Sol

"For the love of family and earth,
Satch & Sol partners with fair trade
artisan cooperatives worldwide
and strives to be eco-friendly through
product selection and business practices."

Satch & Sol items are brought to you by a small family business,
who has endeavored to partner
with fair trade artisan cooperatives around the world.

Satch & Sol celebrates the different artists who make their wares,
for the diversity they bring to their collections.

Oh the darling absolute specialness of Satch & Sol slippers.
I will try not to pen a soliquy about how much
we have loved ours and save it for their site feature
coming up in the month of December but---
these are the sweetest and best slippers ever.

That is all I will say.
You need need to buy them for everyone you know
....and you need to understand that there is no way possible
you could be disappointed with your purchase.

Satch & Sol will be going on my permanent list
of "favorite things ever"
I think Santa himself has a pair.

Now go shop, shop, shop.

---pick by Sara Sophia


How many times have you been on the go and unable to find healthy drinking water? Because of the gunk in most public drinking water, I was thrilled to see that EcoUsable has come out with the Ech2o.

The Ech2o is the only healthy stainless filtered water bottle on the market right now. It instantly filters water as you drink through the top, getting rid of 99.9% of pollutants. It will last you through 100 gallons, and comes in several colors.

I thought this a fab find, because it's a great gift for people who travel often and often find themselves stuck at airports and hotels without pure water. It would also be great for sticking in your purse or diaper bag and have available anytime mama or bebe find themselves parched with only that "drinking" fountain nearby at the park. Clean water on the go, can't beat that!

---pick by Arianne

Epicuren Baby

Both babies and kids will be happy and glowy with this gift -- the Epicuren Baby skincare line from Episencial. Made from certified organic ingredients and free from chemicals, petroleums and parabens, I'm in love with the soft and subtle energy that these products offer.

The daily wash, daily lotion and diaper spray would be a special treat to new moms or veteran moms, because most mamas just adore all kinds of skin care that they know won't harm their child. Epicuren has a unique aromatherapy factor, which included in various products means immune boosting effects as well as relaxation for both parents and their wee ones.

You may also recognize the packaging a bit -- famous photographer Ann Geddes has partnered up to make the presentation of this line truly stunning. Go here to find a store (local or online) that works for you.

---pick by Arianne

Saffron Rouge

Saffron Rouge
is a lovely company housing literally
hundreds of organic beauty brands.
Saffron Rouge is the #1 online destination
for organic skin care,
and aromatherapy in North America.

Here are a few reasons why:
Saffron Rouge only sells organic products.
They evaluate every ingredient for you.
They have the largest selection
of organic beauty products on the web
They have a 60 day money-back guarantee
Expert costumer service is in place to help you
find what you need, when you need it.
You get a free samples with every order (YAY!!)
There is always free shipping on orders over $95

I want to go shop there NOW.
A few of my wish list items include
this deep scalp treatment by John Masters Organics
and this yummy looking sugar rub by Inara.

I'll be shopping online with my holiday cap on...won't you join me?

---pick by Sara Sophia

Gent Supply Co.

It can be so very hard to find gifts for the men in our lives. Gift certificates have always been a safe bet, but what about kicking it up a notch and finding something really cool that will hang around a while?

This Hybrid Wall Clock found at Gen Supply Co. (part of the awesomeness) is a rockin gift for any computer lover or bike lover (or just lover-of-cool-stuff) because it's made from a recycled bike sprocket and recycled computer hard drive. I think it would look great in any modern home, office or man-cave.

--pick by Arianne

Andira International

Nothing like a great organic tee to give to that special friend, and Andira International makes the giving that much sweeter by all they're doing to help save endangered rain forests through the children living in them.

The Andira Rain Tee collection created by children in rain forest areas in Central and South America (who had school supplies donated to them by Andira to create the designs), whose own stories play out on the shirts themselves.

They were asked to draw what they see around them. Some of the designs are profoundly touching, and I just love that a pretty gift can mean so much more than we realize when we put a little thought into it.

Andira rain tees come in all sorts of styles for women and children, and for each tee sold a tree a child from Kids Saving The Rain Forest plants one in their homeland to represent one that has been destroyed. In their own words, Andira is helping save the rain forest "one tee at a time".

--pick by Arianne


Many of you are probably familiar with the name Lenox, I remember when I got married over 11 years ago just dying to have my china set be from Lenox. But did you know Lenox has a glassware line that is eco-friendly?

The Re-new line by Lenox is made from 100% recycled glass, and they sent me the All Purpose Glass to try out and I can't wait to get my hands on some more. It has that simple, heavy feel to it that we all love in recycled glass, and the 4 different glassware styles (plus one glorious Pitcher I'm coveting) would make a great gift for almost anyone.

Buy it! Right now the Re-new line is on sale for a HUGE discount, the glasses are on sale for 50% off.

---pick by Arianne


The perfect gift for children with sensitivities, the Eco-Dough and Eco-Finger Paint by Eco-Kids is doing everything right when it comes to healthy playtime.

The Eco-Dough has no artificial dyes, chemicals or metals like name brands, and instead uses veggie, plant and fruit extracts for color. Eco-Kids also sells a bamboo rolling pin that is just perfect, and my kids couldn't get enough of the unique and pretty look to this dough. The packaging is 100% compostable and the best part? You won't have the dreaded "dry out" you get with name brands, with Eco-Dough you just add a little olive oil and it perks right up. This makes the dough last much longer and you'll feel good about your gift!

The Eco-Finger paint is perfect for parents looking to avoid saturating their kids with all the chemicals in other finger paints. The paints arrive in powder form, you just add water to the little amount you're using for that project and pack the rest away. No drying out paints, not (too much) mess, and this mama is in love.

---pick by Arianne

Go Green Dog Beds

We have plenty of friends who don't have children, but instead have their "fur-babies", and we try to find something special for those kinds of babies too.

I love the selection of earth happy gifts at Go Green Dog Beds, from the toys and sweaters to the awesome beds. We got a chance to test out the Eco Nap dog bed, and our pup is in love. The bed is not only comfy and slick and simple enough to match our decor, but 85% of the fabric is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. Our bed arrived with a lovely tag proudly proclaiming that 21 bottles had avoided the landfills to make just that one bed. Fabulous!

Buy it! You can receive 10% off of all dog beds, toys, sweaters and jackets from Go Green Dog Beds by using coupon code "EcoGift"; plus you will receive free shipping on all dog beds, toys, sweaters and jackets and a free Hurley dog toy with each Tuckered Out bed. The coupon expires at midnight on 01/31/2010.

---pick by Arianne

Natural Pod

Natural Pod is nothing if not impressive. With their commitment to not only eco-friendly and organic products, but, the development of the child---theirs is a business worth supporting.
Each product contained on their site is perfectly fit for instilling a sense of
wholeness and imagination into your little ones play.
Recommended by Mothering Magazine three years in a row for their natural toys--this year they will have 6 toys featured in the "Best Natural Toys of 2009" feature.

Natural Pod would be the most lovely place to purchase a meaningful gift for your little one. Something to keep forever and learn with.
Go HERE for discount code and giveaway from Natural Pod!!

---pick by Sara Sophia

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my personal review of Natural Pod
(with Giveaway and Discount!)*


Doie is named after designer Sara Kirsner's grandmother. Doie company believes that it is possible to be stylish and comfortable while still saving the environment (do you see that dress?). Using materials such as organic wool, 100% silk, bamboo jersey and organic cotton--each piece promises to be versatile and earth-friendly.

Wouldn't this be a lovely green way to dress up the holidays? Please visit Doie to see more of Sara's beautiful collection.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Etsy Earth

Etsy is a fabulous place to find eco pretties for gifting (you'll notice many of our holiday finds can be found there), and one way to quickly find a large selection of earth friendly goodies is from the Etsy Earth team.

Etsy Earth is a collection of artisans who's common goal is eco-friendly products. I was able to try the delicious bamboo receiving blankets from SMQ Organics, the soft luxury of the Posh Pads bamboo nursing pads, the gorgeous designs from Kitten In The Engine organic tees, and more. Etsy Earth features stores that have gives for everyone, including mothers, babies, kids and more.

Win it! Be sure to go here for an Etsy Earth collection giveaway!

---pick by Arianne

Plan Toys

Everybody loves Plan Toys.
If you haven't heard of them yet, they are one of the most eco-friendly and extensive green toy manufacturers out there. With a complete line of green toys that includes: doll houses, little cities, and just about every type of natural toy imaginable. It would almost be impossible to have a gift guide without including them. So many of the types of toys my children ask for---are made "green" by Plan Toys. We just have to give them a shout-out. Please visit their site to see all they have available and for a list of their online retailers.

There is never disappointment with a gift purchased from Plan Toys---
just ask a little person who has just been given one.
Sparkly twinkle-eyes just don't lie:)

---pick by Sara Sophia

Baby Be Mine

I'm a huge fan of bamboo fabric, it seems to be the only thing my skin is craving lately. Besides being beyond soft and luxurious, it's also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Better yet? The fact that it's a totally sustainable material makes it win-win all around.

The Bamboo Belly Band from Baby Be Mine, will quickly become an essential for any expectant mama, but one she may not realize she needs until you gift it to her. Because it's made from bamboo, it will make her growing belly feel heavenly while making her clothes much more comfortable. While regular clothes don't fit anymore, sometimes maternity clothes are still too big. The belly band "bridges" the gap and makes for a secure and SOFT feeling that truly cannot be beat.

The Bamboo Belly Band comes in sizes for all shapes, and 5 basic and essential colors. The packaging is also made from 100% recycled materials, which makes us 100% thrilled!

Buy it! Baby Be Mine would like to offer our readers a 10% discount with the code "LIFETIME". Have fun shopping!

---pick by Arianne


Nimli is a beautiful online boutique
that would be a lovely place to purchase a gift for somone you love this year. Their collection of items from eco-designers is unparalelled, with something fashion forward and perfect for any sense of style.

A lot of MY personal wish list items can be found at Nimli---and there are gifts for every budget in their green style arsenal. Such as these lovely Botanical Paperworks Plantable Calendars for a gift under $30 or this gorgeous Canopy Verde bag, for a more splurge worthy item.

Hurry over to Nimli and see if you aren't tempted to shop green.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Mighty Nest

Mighty Nest is a company that I wish
had been in existence when I had my first child.
When I was just starting out as a parent
and was so unsure of what was healthy and good for our family.

Which items were truly eco-friendly and organic....
and the difference between green and "really green"?
Its true that not all products are created equal---
and that is where Mighty Nest steps in.
With a carefully selected retail collection
of the most stringently tested and researched items
for children and infants on the market--
Mighty Nest has you covered
when you need to know which products you can trust.
They carry such sweet things
as the Soy Crayon Rocks (pictured above),
this Color Connect Game,
and bamboo baby feeding utensils.
This would be the ideal place to purchase items
you knew had been tested and researched
by parents who care as much as you do.

Please visit Mighty Nest to find healthy gifts
for your holiday little ones.

They are offering 10% off your order
until 12/20 with the code

Happy Shopping!

---pick by Sara Sophia


KayaNow is a lovely Etsy shop featuring organic hoodies in every shade of organic and hemp cotton blend, along with child-sized slings, stuffed rabbit friends and organic hairbands.

I thought a gift that would be great for inspiring natural play would be one of KayaNow's organic slings. So nice for a small child to play "parent" and learn important lifelong nurturing skills.

KayaNow is an ecologically responsible seller who takes pride in their craft. Each of their items comes delivered to you in its own little organic cloth gift bag---perfect for handing out minus the wrapping for an extra eco-friendly present. The hoodies they offer are simply divine, soft, and sized perfectly for busy toddlers. Any of their items would be a welcome addition to a little ones closet or play chest.

Please visit KayaNow and look over the organic loveliness they have to offer.

---pick by Sara Sophia

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my personal review of KayaNow*

Happy Green Bee

Happy Green Bee has always been a favorite of mine for easy, kid friendly, stripey-good organic childrens clothing. I thought a lovely gift option for a little one would be their Abbee or Amber doll....and a matching striped outfit for your little one. I know my daughter would have a fit if she could have an outfit that matched "baby's" and as the doll is available in two striped outfit and skin options -- you can customize her perfectly for your child. It would be such fun to wake up Christmas morning--or to open up on a Hanukkah night--and find a friend, and a matching outfit ,ready to play. Visit Happy Green Bee to see all of their healthy kids basics--and their cute gift offerings for the holiday season.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Figs and Ginger

The above is a "Family" necklace by Figs and Ginger.
Isn't it the sweetest?
I have never been a fan of "Mommy Jewelry"
but, after coming across Figs and Ginger
I am a complete convert.
I think their take on the subject
is a beautiful way to carry a symbol
of what is most important to you, everywhere you go.
The pieces they offer are customizable depending on your family---
and they also carry other nature-inspired bits of lovely
that would be perfect for anyone, parent or not.
I highly recommend going to this page of their site
and reading their "Going Green" memorandum.
Why they are now proud to call themselves a green business;
not because of any trend, but because this is what is important to them.
Figs and Ginger has made impressive green endeavors
the norm in their processes,
all the better to care for the environment.

I think someone on your list
would adore a piece from their collection,
I know I certainly would.

---pick by Sara Sophia

Eden Home

Eden Home is a shopping source that has
just about everything once could want
for a beautiful eco-fabulous lifestyle.

They have items from every catagory
you could ever think to shop from---
and this year have introduced lovely gift-pairings,
to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier.
Rather than having to search through their vast site
to combine different products that you think
might go well together.....they have done this for you.

Grouping together such items as a La Chamba baking dish ,
with organic cotton pot holders; or a pewter tea scoop
--Acaciaware tray--and organic tins of tea by Tea Forte'--
Eden Home has you covered for a lovely gift
that will be much appreciated.

Please check out this new feature here---
and think of who on your list is worthy of such a treat:)

---pic by Sara Sophia

Devon Rose

Devon Rose is the name of the shop and daughter of Emily Payne. Emily is a fabulous clothing designer who creates tiny works of art using vintage and organic fabrics.

One of my favorite offerings in her shop, was this pretty organic cream pointelle set. The smocking around the neck is divine, and it would be the perfect soft, basic set to give as a gift--or to purchase for your own little one to wear snuggling by the fire on Christmas Eve.

Little Devon is modeling this little basic long underwear set and I'm convinced it is the perfect Night Before Christmas Attire. What do you think?

Please visit Devon Rose
to see more of Emily's lovely work in vintage, organic and fine fabrics.

I promise you--she has
a style all her own.

---pick by Sara Sophia


Aren't these amazing?
has the most phenomenal
felted creations that I have seen.
Each one is so detailed, intricate,
and perfect for natural play.
felt work is fashioned
out of pure Merino and Merino needle felted wool.
Needle felting is a very labor intensive process
which involves taking a sharp, barbed needle
and poking loose fibers thousands of times
until the desired form is achieved.
Once these creations are brought to life
--you have a warm, sensory friend that
fits perfectly in a tiny hand and,
while safe for smallest baby---

these would be fun for adults too:)
I personally think they look like
the best stocking stuffers ever.

Please visit AsherJasper
(named for the artists two children,
Asher and Jasper)

if only to admire these inspired creations.
If they are this much fun to look at--
can you imagine the thrill of playing with them?

---pick by Sara Sophia

Swaddle Babies

is one stop shop for

sweetness and fairy fluff.
Priscilla Rose creates organic
Waldorf-style dolls according to
your specifications. These little dolls are the perfect size and shape for hours of snuggling; perfectly formed for tiny arms to hold.

Priscilla can create one of these dolls for you in a custom skin color, hair color/style, blanket color, and the choice of fabric style.
You may also name your SwaddleBaby and it will arrive with its name stitched onto its tag for you.

Please visit Swaddle Babies
to pick up a lovely present
that a small one will cherish
for years to come.

---pick by Sara Sophia

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my personal review of Swaddlebabies
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Sustainable Kids

is a brand I have only recently become familiar with....
and the first thing I have to say is that this clothing
is far cooler than first glimpse would tell you.

It is the PERFECT eco-wear for the older child
who wants to look trendy and stylish but you still want
them clothed in environmentally conscience, non-toxic apparel.
Sustainable Kids goes above and beyond the call of duty with a
"Give Back" program that involves them sending you
a postage paid box with each purchase to send
needed items to their chosen school and orphanage in Haiti.

What a wonderful teaching moment
this would be for you and your child!
Please visit
Sustainable Kids
and take a look at their super cool AND organic duds
(come on, hemp/organic skinny jeans for kids? I am so there)
---they prove that its possible to have your cake and eat it too.

GO HERE for shopping.

---pick by Sara Sophia