Aren't these amazing?
has the most phenomenal
felted creations that I have seen.
Each one is so detailed, intricate,
and perfect for natural play.
felt work is fashioned
out of pure Merino and Merino needle felted wool.
Needle felting is a very labor intensive process
which involves taking a sharp, barbed needle
and poking loose fibers thousands of times
until the desired form is achieved.
Once these creations are brought to life
--you have a warm, sensory friend that
fits perfectly in a tiny hand and,
while safe for smallest baby---

these would be fun for adults too:)
I personally think they look like
the best stocking stuffers ever.

Please visit AsherJasper
(named for the artists two children,
Asher and Jasper)

if only to admire these inspired creations.
If they are this much fun to look at--
can you imagine the thrill of playing with them?

---pick by Sara Sophia